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@camila_cabello: happiness is made up of the smallest moments

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It’s not hard to understand Camila. She was born in Cuba, lived there until she was 5, her family barely had food on the table.. They escaped the island, and were lucky enough not to die in the process. Moved to mexico for a year and then crossed the border with her mom with only a backpack full of clothes. Then they moved to Miami and her mom took every job she could find to afford rent and food for a few years until her dad was able to move to the US too. None of her parents have good jobs. She’s used to recycle her clothes, re-use it time and time again because she’s not used to having options. She holds on to friends because she never had many. She’s annoying about most of the celebrities she meets because those were the same celebrities she looked up too. The ones that got her through the day after a bad day in school. She’s NOT fake, she’s grateful to be in a position where she can help others now, she tries to make fans feel like friends because she KNOWS how much that can mean to a person that might be going through the same things she went through or worst. She talks to us the same way she talks to her best friend. She doesn’t hide her emotions from us. And maybe some of you are not used to celebrities being so opens, but that’s just who she is. She wants us to see that she’s not someone “special”, she’s still human and she still reacts to things the same way we do. She’s an open book, and many people don’t understand that. People judge camila for the smallest things like her making the duck face on pictures and never smiling. She’s talked time and time again that she’s insecure about her smile. Her parents don’t have dental insurance so they could never afford braces for her. Before finding things to criticize her for, try to understand her first, because most of you are being really unfair to the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.

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@normanikordei’s post on Instagram

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1975 concert

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@djflict: @camila_cabello showing me her guitar skills at Monday’s session. @fifthharmony 🎸🎸 killin em! 👌

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@camilacabello97: nobody understands how badly i want to go to the 1975 concert tonight gaaaaaaaaah i could use a lil pixie dust to fly there right now

@LaurenJauregui: IM SO FREAKING HAPPY THAT WAS SO GOOD. They’re even better live :( Matty commanded that crowd like no other..amazzzzinggggg

@AllyBrooke: Heyyyy thanks for a stellar night :) You guys were SOOOO good! Loved your show!!

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This filter is called 1974 and I figured it was kinda cool that it was a year off

@LaurenJaureguiObviously way too into the music to smile but it’s still cool

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